Sunday, August 14, 2016

Adriatic Exploration: Pltivice Lakes

After three days in Slovenia, we returned to Croatia. Our b&b host asked us not to take all the sun with us. [My interpretation = sunnier weather in Croatia.]

Wednesday, June 29
It was a long drive to the Plitvice Lakes National Park area in Croatia, with another border crossing. The landscape was very different from the coastal views and mountain villages of Istria. We finally arrived at the b&b, which felt like it was in the middle of nowhere. But there was a party of six visiting from Taiwan! So my parents chatted with them. There were chickens on the property, a garden, and lots of chairs for relaxing. Our host got us beers from the "natural refrigerator," aka the steam nearby. Dan and I explored a bit around. We had dinner at the b&b, fresh bread, vegetable soup, grilled meats and peppers, and crepes for dessert, with a bottle of Istrian red wine. Everything was delicious.

House Izvor

Dinner view at House Izvor

Thursday, June 30
We had eggs for breakfast, from the chickens on the property. Dan had his own personalized coffee cup. Then we drove a few km to the national park. We started at the upper lakes, and hiked along one of them down to the lower lakes. The trail was muddy, but it was shaded and not too crowded. I think there are 16 lakes in all, connected by waterfalls. It was crazy crowded down by the lower lakes.

Dan Cafe at House Izvor

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes

Posing at Pltivice Lakes

My parents had seen a more spectacular version of cascading waterfalls in China that may not have an English name. Dan and I were reminded of Semuc Champey in Guatemala, where you could swim in the pools. But it was still very pretty and we saw tons of fish in the clear waters. Also blue dragonflies. And my mother spotted a cool salamander.

After returning to the b&b, we relaxed with a stream-chilled beer. Dinner was corn soup with croutons, grilled trout, and chard cooked with potatoes, that was very tasty. Plus salad, wine, and stream-chilled watermelon for dessert.

Friday, July 1
The next morning we set off for Zadar, on the Dalmatian coast, driving through many, many mountain tunnels. Back to the Adriatic coast!

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