Friday, July 27, 2012

Le Grand Tour: Paris Day 3

After coffee and yogurt at the apartment on Tuesday morning, we set out for Les Invalides. Across the bridge from the Grand Palais, Dan was solicited with the gold ring scam, but he didn't fall for it. Eventually we found our way to the bright golden dome.

Cannons at Invalides
Cannons outside Musee de l'Armee


Dan had already been to the army museum, so we skipped that and went inside the Chapel of Saint-Louis-des-Invalides, then checked out Napoleon's tomb. It is ridiculously huge. Apparently there are seven tombs inside, kind of like babushka dolls. 

Inside the dome of Invalides
Inside the dome

Napoleon's giant tomb
Dan & Napoleon's huge tomb

Outside the complex is a hospital with pretty gardens, and the Eiffel Tower in the distance. From there, we walked to Musee Rodin, the site of where he lived and worked. It is a lovely setting. Dan liked the hydrangeas in the garden.

Carol at the Rodin Museum
Carol at Musee Rodin

Dan and the Burghers of Calais
Dan & the Burghers of Calais

The Thinker
Le Penseur

Then, it was time for lunch...and desserts! I had the most amazing hot chocolate at Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur.

Dessert & hot chocolate
Hot chocolate & three desserts

Fortified with dessert, we headed toward the Eiffel Tower. It is very big.

Eiffel Tower!
Eiffel Tower

Bust of Eiffel
Bust of Eiffel
Carol & Eiffel Tower
Carol at Eiffel Tower

Champ de Mars
Champ de Mars

Disco balls were being installed for Bastille Day, but the French don't call it that. The number of people lined up to go up was overwhelming, so we skipped it. Also, people are allowed on the grass at Champ de Mars, the park in front of the Eiffel Tower. From here, we headed toward Rue Cler, stopping first to admire the Art Nouveau at Square Rapp.

Rapp Square
Square Rapp

Eiffel Tower from Rapp Square
My favorite view of the Eiffel Tower

Art Nouveau
Dreamy Art Nouveau

We picked up fruit, tomatoes, cucumbers, pate (we saw a pooch at the boucherie who got a treat), cheese, and baguettes on Rue Cler, then headed back to the apartment for naptime and dinner. We enjoyed our goodies with a bottle of wine, then headed back out to Pont Neuf for a boat cruise on the Seine. It was neat to see all the people hanging out along the Seine, having picnics or just relaxing. The Eiffel Tower lit up during the cruise, and then it sparkled, so pretty!

Eiffel Tower at night
Eiffel Tower at night


Musee d'Orsay
Musee d'Orsay

Pont Neuf
Pont Neuf: 365 different faces, and only one woman

City of light
City of light

We saw Notre Dame lit up from the boat cruise, and afterward we walked over to see it up close. Spectacular!

Notre Dame at night
Notre Dame at night

There was a flame throwing show in front with many people watching, and Dan saw a rat. A Parisian rat! This after the guide on the boat cruise pointed out the restaurant that Ratatouille is supposedly based on. Luckily, I did not see it. 

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