Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ollalieberry weekend

Summer is flying can it be July already? I made it through weeks 2 and 3 of my bike commute to the Exploratorium, but I am still sore...will the soreness ever go away? I am learning so much and doing lots of fun activities, like measuring the speed of sound, making a camera obscura by putting a box over my head, taking stop-motion photos with blinky lights, and so much more! Did you know that different colored waters can mix or stay separate in inverted bottles?

Inverted bottles
Yellow + blue = green (sometimes)

Or how to set paper on fire without burning it?

Mose burning paper
Safety goggles are a must

I also have been enjoying yummy brunches with friends before my afternoons of science. I love summer! And this weekend, I went ollalieberry picking in Pescadero...I had not been since two summers ago. Jessica's girls Darcy and Molly helped find berries.

Darcy & Molly picking ollalies
At berry level

Afterwards we went to Jeff's favorite beach in Half Moon Bay. I had a great time watching the girls run around on the sand.

Playing on the beach
Beach time

I especially enjoyed watching Molly toddle about, picking up rocks and sand.

Molly picking up rocks
Collecting rocks

And I saw the dorsal fin of a dolphin in the water! (This after a barn owl sighting in the backyard the night before...what a great weekend of wildlife viewing!) It was a long walk back to the car, so Molly rode on Dan's shoulders for part of the way.

Molly & Dan
Hitching a ride

She didn't stay there for long though, she can be very wriggly when carried...she wants to walk! We also saw many little bunnies on the path.

And today I made a pie with all the ollalieberries. It turned out a bit soupy, but still tasty.

Ollalieberry pie

The pie was finished quickly at the first summer sit 'n knit. Such a fun weekend!

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