Sunday, January 03, 2010


Happy new year!

I was sick for Christmas and much of the break...wah wah, so it only seems fair that I should have at least another week off, don't you think? But alas, that is not the case. Where did the time go? Oh right, I was drinking fluids, sleeping, and being crabby for most of it. But I was finally feeling better and got to see some cuties on New Year's Day.

Molly ready to crawl
Molly on the crawl

Dan and I (and Arrow) visited with the Manzi family, and I got to hold baby Molly! She loves to smile and is just starting to crawl, so cute.

Carol & Molly in kitchen
Molly & me

Dan & Molly
Dan & Molly

Molly's big sister Darcy is still cute as ever, of course. She had pasta for lunch, and scooped parmesan cheese on top with gusto. After finishing her plate, she had another, but ended up feeding most of it to their dog Oliver (lucky pooch). And she helped pick oranges for us from the tree in their front yard.

Darcy picking oranges
Darcy selecting oranges

After a hike with the pooches in the Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve, we went for frozen yogurt in San Carlos. Darcy got "raspberries and strawberries on top, yogurt on the bottom."

Darcy eating frozen yogurt
Yogurt treat

It was a very fun day with the Manzi family, and I hope to see lots more of them in the new year! Dan and I also are hoping to see the first egg from our chickens soon. Their combs are growing in, but so far no eggs...

Goody "the most beautifulest" (in November)

Goody is the fattest of the girls. Hard to believe they were just tiny balls of fluff five months ago! Goody is "the most beautifulest chicken," according to Chloe, niece of my friend Bethany when they visited back in the fall...tee hee hee! Though Rosie is a pretty girl pretty that Dan was worried for awhile that she might be a rooster.

Rosie the riveter (in November)

She certainly can strike a pose. But she hasn't crowed so far, and we are pretty sure she is a girl. Now, if only they would lay some eggs!

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Linda said...

So cool that you guys have your own chickens.