Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween scares

Eight bags of Halloween candy was not enough! Dan and I (and Arrow-as-Snoopy) ran out of candy in about an hour...we had over 150 trick-or-treaters in that time! We gave out Halloween stickers, pencils, and erasers after the candy was gone, but I think the kids were disappointed. We want candy!

Ernie & Bert jack o' lanterns
Ernie & Bert

I carved Ernie and Bert pumpkins in the morning. I had a Charlie Brown pumpkin that was carved two weeks earlier at Mary and Marie's autumn party, but alas it was quite moldy when the day arrived.

Charlie Brown pumpkin
Charlie Brown pumpkin

We didn't have any other decorations for our first Halloween back at the unhovel, but we are plotting for next year already! Lots of houses on our block have spiders and ghosts and more, and we want to join in the fun.

In other (scary) news, the chickens are still pecking away in the backyard. This morning a peregrine falcon made a swoop for them, but luckily they were in their enclosed run. It was exciting to see a falcon up close, but also quite scary when it went for the girls.

Goody & Henrietta
Goody, Henrietta & Rosie's chicken butt

Chicken butts
More chicken butts

So now they do not leave their enclosed run unattended!


snoopyjoanne said...

bert & ernie turned out great! and I'm glad the chickies are ok. sorry we couldn't hangout today...perhaps beaglefest next wknd?!

piddleloop said...

whoa those are the best pumpkins EVER

does Arrow still have her hedgehog she had in the snoopy picture? Sam's hedgehog has seen better days

jenny said...

wow, you did a great job carving ernie and bert! so cute.