Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer travels: Into Honduras (part 4)

As Dan and I were traveling through Guatemala, we were not sure if we would make it to Honduras because of the political situation...but we met several travelers who had come from there, and they felt that it was completely safe. We also were scheduled to fly home from Roatan, so ultimately we decided to go for it! We took a bus from Rio Dulce to the border, and arrived in Copan Ruinas on a warm afternoon. We were greeted with hammocks and iced tea at Casa de Cafe B&B, far, so good! I spent a lot of time lounging in the hammock, reading, and admiring the garden and view of the Guatemalan hills.

Our room at Casa de Cafe B & B
Idyllic Casa de Cafe B&B

View of Guatemala hillside
Guatemalan hills

We ate yummy pupusas at Comedor Mary's and wandered around the cobblestone streets of town. After a delicious breakfast the next morning with Francesca the kitty, we walked to the Mayan ruins site of Copan, where there are many impressive and intricate carvings, and tall trees growing out of the piles of stones. We also saw brilliant scarlet macaws and capybara-like critters at the entrance to the site.

Stela & hieroglyphic staircase
Stela & hieroglyphic staircase

Skull & hieroglyphics
Skulls & glyphs

Dan & large head
Big head

Huge foot at Copan
Big foot

Dan & animal altar
Watch out!

Sleepy carving at Copan
Nap time

After more hammocking and relaxing in the garden, and another tasty breakfast the next morning, we planned to take a morning bus to San Pedro Sula, then catch a plane to the island of Roatan. Not so fast! The bus did not leave because of road closures...due to demonstrations...and it was not clear when the roads would re-open. After some sulking on my part (it was my birthday) and several calls by the B&B owners, we learned an afternoon bus was departing, so we got on it while we had the chance. Unfortunately there were no more flights that day, instead we took another bus to La Ceiba, spent the night, and took the ferry to Roatan the next morning. So we spent a lot more time traveling than I would have liked, and missed a day of fun...but we arrived at our destination safely! A delicious lobster avocado salad lunch at the Lighthouse cheered me up considerably.

View from the Lighthouse
View from the Lighthouse restaurant

It was really hot and humid on the island. After lunch we went snorkeling in Half Moon Bay, where we saw lots of fish, conches, and a hawksbill turtle! I love sea turtles.

Half Moon Bay, Roatan
Half Moon Bay

It was nice to relax and enjoy the view of the Carribean as the sun set outside our room at Luna Beach, especially after all the effort to get there! Then we walked down the beach to the Lobster Pot, where I had grilled shrimp in rum butter sauce for dinner...yum! They also served homemade key lime pie on the house. It was my new favorite restaurant.

Luna Beach Resort
Luna Beach

Sunset our first night on Roatan
Sun setting over Carribean

The next morning we took a water taxi to West Bay, which is a beautiful beach. It was so quiet...very few travelers...and this was during the high season. We went snorkeling in the bay; the coral seemed healthier here than in Half Moon Bay. We saw more fish, and about ten little squid all hanging out in a neat cute! During our lunch on the beach, we saw an impressive display of balance...a woman walking with a cooler on her head!

Glass bottom boat in West Bay
West Bay

West Bay, Roatan
Turquoise & blue

Walking in West Bay
Balancing act

Later in the afternoon we went out with a dive boat and snorkeled some more...the water is much choppier out there! In one spot there was a huge school of fish...seemed like was amazing to be so close to so many. It was also neat to see the divers go overboard and descend into the deep waters. I'm still too scared to dive though!

After watching the sunset from the dock, we returned to the Lobster Pot, where Dan and I treated ourselves to surf 'n turf (steak and lobster!) for our last dinner of the trip. And more key lime pie! The people at the restaurant were so nice. Dan asked to see the menu after discovering they serve breakfast...but then found out the restaurant is closed on Sunday! So we bought a loaf of their delicious coconut bread, and they gave us a jar of homemade mango jam to eat with it! We really enjoyed our time in Honduras, and hope the political situtation is resolved peacefully...and soon. The livelihood of so many people on the island depends on tourism. We were glad we were able to visit, and hope that others can too.

We had a wonderful trip on our first visit to Central America, but it was great to come home to the foggy city by the bay!


Debbie said...

wow, great to read about your travels! and yes, that was totally the same b and b in copan!

Jack said...

I just love travel blogs and you are the one who really had presented this in such a beautiful way. Great share and lovely blog

Jean said...

Nice place as well as the people. This is very common thing these days that media scares the people about a place or people. They over exaggerate the things.

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