Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring lambies redux

Spring has sprung, and yet, the hovel still is not ready. The plan to move back in early April went out the window when it was discovered that the kitchen cabinets for almost all the appliances and both sinks were not the right size (ordered by a large hardware store chain that shall remain nameless). Frustration and anger ensued (and continues) oven and sink were exchanged...there was waiting...a replacement cabinet was ordered...more waiting. And so we wait...and hope that the replacement will be the right size. *Sigh*It would be nice to live in San Francisco again.

But there was some spring fun in the country this weekend. Dana's Cheviot sheep mamas had lambs, and she hosted an afternoon of sheep shearing/lamb viewing/sit 'n knit/honey tasting fun. Dan helped hold down one of the last year's lambs, now full-grown, to be sheared.

Dan helps with sheep shearing
Time for a trim

The sheep looked a bit silly after the shearing, but a lot less raggedy.

Newly shorn
Newly shorn

There was a lot of wool, from papa ram and his two sheep (who were last year's lambs). Arrow tried to eat a fallen piece of wool...maybe the lanolin was tasty?

Arrow and fleece
Arrow checks out the wool

The newborn lamb -- born just that morning! -- was the star of the afternoon. People took turns holding her, while mama sheep bleated loudly at everyone.

Mama sheep & newborn
Little lambykins with mama

Darcy Rose wanted to pet the mama sheep, but she was too fast for the humans. She did get to pet the newborn lamb though.

Darcy and lamb
Gentle pats

After seeing the animals, we noshed on cupcakes and sampled delicious goat cheeses, truly local honey from a beehive recently discovered on the property, and some teas Dana's friend brought to share. It was a lovely spring afternoon in the country!


snoopyjoanne said...

wow a lambie born just that morning! so cute! and so is darcy :)

jenny said...

heehee. i like the picture of arrow checking out the wool! and the newborn lamb looks so cute!

sorry to hear about the house delays... :(