Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Spring is near, and perhaps more cupcakes! (Actually, many-a-cupcake has been baked and consumed in 2009, but the lack of light was uninspiring.) I've been in a funk these past few months, but I was in San Francisco last week, dog/house-sitting for a friend, and noticed I was in a great mood. So I think the long commute has been bringing me down even more than I realize...but we *may* be close to moving back into the hovel. Still a lot of delays to contend with, and problems along the way, but it actually is starting to look like a house. The un-hovel, let's say.

Here's a preview of the progress so far...it's been over a year, after all...

Yellow garage
Cheery yellow paint, partway

Living room green, in light
Green living room

Blue bathroom with wainscotting

More progress shots from the past year...not too much documentation though, because it turns out I am not a process person. I just want it to be done! When I first started knitting I remember reading about process knitters, those who enjoy the process of learning a new technique more than the finished piece. And I thought to myself, how odd! Going through the hovel remodel has reaffirmed that I am not a process person. The activities I enjoy doing, liking knitting and baking, I find meditative (when I am not messing up), but I definitely want to finish!