Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy winter

I have been lazing through the winter break...reading, drinking tea and eating holiday treats, watching movies, catching up with friends and family, and sleeping...but how did the time go by so quickly?

Dan and I went up to Rocklin see his family on Christmas Eve, then returned to Chez Maman on Christmas Day. My sister made an origami dog for me...crafty, eh? The quilted espresso is from Dan's mother.

Christmas samolian dog
Cute samolian pooch on pink and green

My brother picked pomegranates from the tree in the backyard, decked out in a bicycle helmet and hospital scrubs...

Picking pomegranates
Beware falling fruit

I was so lazy I did not even send out holiday cards this year...the hovel is my excuse. In my one bit of craftyness, I knit a chocolate brown Puff Daddy neck warmer for Joanne, with one skein of Biggy Print. I thought it turned out pretty well...hopefully the puff holds up...

Chocolate brown puff daddy
Puff chocolate

And I got to catch up with some friends' babies and toddlers, who are growing up so fast! Dan and I met baby Georgia, daughter of Cheya and Rick...

Baby Georgia
Holding lil' baby Georgia

We also visited with Darcy Rose, who we had not seen since her 2nd birthday! Her family moved to new digs, and we walked to the park near their new abode, where Dan pushed her on the swings...

Darcy swing closeup
Higher! Faster!

After the walk, we shared some cookies Dan's sister had made for Christmas. Look at that smile!

Darcy smile
Such a cutie

After Darcy finished her cooky, she was interested in the last one, which was for daddy. "Not yours," she told her mother. Also, "not Oliver's" (the dog). Ownership seems to be quite the thing...

Darcy eating cooky
Cooky time

She is talking a lot more now, toddling all about, and so, so fun to be around!

Darcy putting up magnets
Putting magnets up on the fridge

My college friend Portia and her family visited from Texas, and we celebrated her son DJ's 3rd birthday with them! DJ is dairy-free, so for my first foray into dairy-free cupcakery I made dairy-free vanilla cupcakes with dairy-free chocolate ganache.

DJ blowing out candles
Blowing out the candles

DJ and his sister Veronica seemed to enjoy the birthday cupcakes...

DJ and Veronica eating cupcakes
DJ and Veronica, with birthday cuppies

After cake, there were presents to open, of course. DJ loves trucks, and received an impressive collection of toy trucks and cars. Dan and I gave him a vehicle-themed floor puzzle. But nothing could top the final gift, big boy underwear!

Big boy underwear!
Big boy underwear, wow!

After presents, Dan had fun playing with the energetic birthday boy, although I am not sure the restaurant staff enjoyed it as much...

Dan & DJ

Twas a relaxing break, with just a few more days of lazing for me...also, I finally took my mother's old Singer sewing machine to the shop for a long-overdue tune-up, so mayhaps there will be more crafting in 2009?

Happy new year!


snoopyjoanne said...

thank you for the lovely chocolate brown puff daddy! :) also we really enjoyed the dairy free cupcakes. the chocolate ganache was scrumptious!

jenny said...

glad to hear you've been having a relaxing vacation.

nice photos of the growing kiddies! and looks like good progress on your house!