Monday, October 06, 2008

C is for cooky

Autumn is here! It even rained in the Bay Area over the weekend. Sadly, no creative output to speak of here at Chez Maman...too busy commuting, worrying (about the hovel and everything in general), and feeling tired of being tired...but trying to remember that I am an optimist!

And I find a home-baked cooky sometimes can lift one's I made flourless almond chocolate chip cookies for book club this past weekend. I think this is the perfect cooky recipe that is both gluten-free and dairy-free...celiac and lactose intolerant book club members should be able to enjoy a sweet treat too! I usually use peanut butter, but have tried almond butter the past couple times, which also makes a tasty cooky. Dan made the almond butter this time with unsalted dry-roasted almonds in the food processor...fresh almond butter!

Flourless almond chocolate chip cooky
Almond chocolate chip cooky

The cookies have a nice chewy texture, chewier than the peanut butter version. Both are delicious. We discussed A Thousand Splendid Suns...reading the book made me so grateful for being a woman in America...despite all the things I worry about and disagree with...I am thankful.


snoopyjoanne said...

mmm...they were tasty cookies - thanks for sharing!

jenny said...

the cookies were so yummy! (joanne shared hers with us.) and the recipe looks so straightforward. you (and dan) have inspired me to make peanut butter or almond butter with the food processor. i was even reading online that using hazelnut and dark chocolate makes a chunky nutella... mmmm...

Carol said...

ooooh...hazelnut and dark chocolate = nutella!! brilliant! mmm....must try soon!!