Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to school

The kiddos returned to school this week, and I am exhausted! The long commute from Chez Maman is tiring, but hopefully I will adjust in time. Slow progress continues on the hovel. Dan and I spent the last several weekends on house stuff...researching kitchen cabinets and appliances...making multiple visits to the plumbing fixture has been frustrating, exciting, exhausting...and it continues...

We did squeeze in some fun with the house craziness earlier this month. We attended my old friend Max's wedding...he and his longtime sweetie Nancy had a picnic potluck wedding at Tilden Park on a gorgeous summer day. I made mojito cupcakes for the occasion.

Mojito cupcakes closeup
Wedding cupcakery

It was a festive wedding....cheery yellow parasols protected from the sun, and the guests worked together to find the missing rings....with clues from our wedding invitations. Well, many of the guests did. I mostly ate pie and forgot to take pictures. Dan was fascinated by one of the locks, which was like a puzzle, involving many keys (that had to be found) and some trick locks. In the end the rings were unlocked and the bride and groom exchanged vows. Hooray!

After the wedding , we went down the road to celebrate Darcy Rose's second birthday, riding the steam trains!

Dan, Darcy & Carol
Riding the train with Darcy Rose

Darcy loves riding the train, especially going through the tunnel. There were also presents to open, of course.

Opening presents
Opening presents with grandma

All in all, a nice respite from the house craziness, and a great day at Tilden Park!


snoopyjoanne said...

awww...darcy is so cute! thanks for sharing about the cupcakes.

jenny said...

pretty mojito cupcakes!