Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Berry day

I celebrated another year with a belated berry picking day at Phipps Farm in Pescadero. Unfortunately, it was a bit late in the season and very few ollalieberries remained. But it was a beautiful day, and lovely to see everyone...especially the kiddos!

Diana and Darcy
Darcy eats a berry from Diana

Darcy Rose loves berries and toddled through the fields picking and eating with enthusiasm. Unlike me she was deterred neither by tartness nor thorns, and I was told she even consumed a leaf still attached to one berry. Watching her made me very, very happy. I also got to meet Zoe for the first time...she reminds me of a muppet, so so cute!

Vivian with Zoe
Vivian and Zoe

Her big sister Chloe is pretty cute too.

Matching pink hat and hoodie

After searching for berries, we had pie. I made strawberry pie with gluten-free animal cracker crust. And my first double-crust pie, blueberry pie from Cooks Illustrated, with my favorite vodka pie crust. I forgot to photograph the pies. They were quite yummy though.

Darcy eats pie
Darcy samples the blueberry pie

And birthday loot! Joanne and Newt got me a cupcake jersey. Cupcakes! Maybe I'll actually get on my bike with such cute, inspiring attire.

Carol, Joanne, Bonnie & Newt
Posing with cupcakes and Bonnie beagle

Thank you everyone for such a fun day!

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snoopyjoanne said...

happy belated birthday again! the kiddos are just so cute. especially darcy w/ her berry-smeared face and overalls. and yes- you should start riding your bike again! :)