Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Under the weather

I am sick with the flu. Boo. Guess the flu shot got trumped by so many children passing through the science room...their germs inter-mixing...yuck! It has been a week now, so hopefully the worst has passed.

So I have been home napping...sleeping a lot. And watching the beagle nap...in the sun...a lot.

Arrow napping in the sun
Lucky dog

Napping in the sun is rather nice. But the fever and aches, horrible. But all is not bad. Dan and I joined a new CSA, since Terra Firma Farms does not deliver south of the city. Although we miss their fruit...especially the bumper crop of delicious Satsumas this past winter...we are enjoying the pretty produce from Two Small Farms while we are at Chez Maman.

Colorful carrots
Colorful carrots

The carrots and celery were enjoyed with hummus, made by Dan. I especially liked the purple carrots. This week we also tried spigariello and agretti, green vegetables of Italy. Tasty! And I am hoping for strawberries...perhaps, soon? Hope so.

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Emily said...

Feel better soon!

I love all the colors of those vegetables. Yummy.