Sunday, April 06, 2008

Birthday pie

Dan celebrated his birthday this I made birthday pie.

Birthday pie
Not much pie left

I usually make pecan pie for Thanksgiving, but why wait? Pie should be eaten year-round. The filling is butter pecan pie, but with maple syrup and California wildflower honey instead of corn syrup. The crust is foolproof pie dough from Cooks Illustrated, via Smitten Kitchen. Also known as vodka pie crust...well, I call it that, anyway...and it is my new favorite pie crust. The dough comes together so easily because of the vodka...which evaporates in the oven...and the resulting crust is flaky and tender. Yum.


Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday dan!

give arrow kisses from me.

African Kelli said...

That pie looks delish. I should try that crust recipe. Although I don't keep vodka around, I suppose this would be a great excuse.

Erek and Portia said...

Happy Birthday, Dan!
Carol - that pie looks so yummy! I suck at making pie crust, so I'm definitely going to try the vodka recipe. If anything, I'll have a good time making it.

snoopyjoanne said...

happy belated birthday dan from the thailand group! :)

tracing said...

Looks delicious!