Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ho hum

Been busy at school and still adjusting to the looong commute...hence, zero crafting at Chez Arrow. One would think I could knit or read on the train...but then one would be wrong...mostly I rest my eyes...just call me lazy!

Did bake apricot-pistachio oat bars last week...

Apricot-pistachio oat bars
Chock-full of coconut and dates too

My mother found the recipe....a bit too sweet, I time I might try making them with cream instead of condensed milk.

Arrow has been reading about stuff white people like in blogland...

Arrow at the computer
Dogs all the way at #53?!

1 comment:

African Kelli said...

look at that sweet blogging pooch! Hope you are well and enjoying the new digs!