Friday, February 08, 2008

Moving in the year of the mouse

Chez Arrow moved to Chez Maman over the weekend...Dan, Arrow and I are staying at my parents' on the hovel should be starting soon...and hopefully will go smoothly, so we can return to a spiffed-up-no-longer-hovel in the fall! (Hoping.)

The commute is long, but the change of scenery has been nice so far, and my mother enjoys taking Arrow for walks. Lucky beagle!

Arrow sunning
Sunning at Chez Maman

Happy lunar year of the mouse!


snoopyjoanne said...

yes, critters do love the sun! domino loves to lay out on our balcony and lucky bonnie and sally got to sun at my cousin pat's backyard this past saturday!

African Kelli said...

So sweet that you have that option! Do you think Arrow is dreaming, "Maybe I'll be top beagle next year..."