Friday, January 11, 2008

Winter crafties

I accomplished very little crafting during the winter break...just a few small things. A couple of bibs for Lilly:

Reversible bibs -- front
Baby bibs -- front

They are reversible and have a layer of nylon between the fabrics for waterproof-ness.

Reversible bibs -- back
Baby bibs -- back

I also finished my sister's so-called Sophie bag. She knit most of the bag while at school, and she gave it to me to finish last time she was home. But I somehow messed up the handles...they did not line up correctly. So I removed them and cut out handles instead, and felted it a couple of times.

Felted blue bag for Katie
Sophie bag with flower pin

Perhaps there will be more crafty productivity in the new year...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Relaxing with wonder bread

Dan and I took Arrow on a little jaunt to a lovely spot in Boony Doon after Christmas. We canoed in Elkhorn Slough and saw lots of wildlife...different sea birds, including pelicans, a few sea otters, and harbor seals who followed our canoe.

Harbor seal
Hi there

The weather was drizzly and my foot was hurting, so we mostly relaxed...but we did walk along the Santa Cruz coastline one afternoon.

Cormorants in Santa Cruz
Cormorants on the bluff

And I discovered Hart's Fabric, which I heart. So many pretty fabrics, it was difficult to choose.

Fabric from Harts
Fabric stash

During the break I also discovered the wonder that is no knead bread. Much as been blogged about this bread, so I had high hopes...and yet, I was not disappointed. I made the almost no knead bread from Cooks Illustrated.

Almost no-knead bread
I made this!

It was delicious...oh, the crust! Mmm...I will be making this bread many more times. Might just start one tonight, I think.

Happy new year!