Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dog-filled weekend

On Saturday Dan and I drove up to Santa Rosa to see my favorite cartoonist at the Schulz Museum, with Arrow in tow. She wasn't allowed in the museum (phooey), but we met up with Sally outside the Warm Puppy Cafe.

Arrow and Sally on Snoopy's bench
Beagle meet-up

Sally sniffed Snoopy's chocolate chip cookies.

Sally sniffs
Mmm...can I have one?

The beagles also met a bassett hound!

Arrow and Sally meet a bassett hound
Hello hound friend

I was pretty excited. Then on Sunday Arrow went to Sally's house for a doggie Halloween party. Arrow went as Snoopy, same costume as last Halloween. Sally was the queen bee-gle, sitting in her own little chair too!

Queen bee
Who invited all these dogs over?

Brody the golden retriever puppy was a moose, and Si the samoyed went as himself.

Brody and Si
Are you a dog? Or a moose?

Dodger the black lab/border collie puppy was a spider, but he was too fast for my camera. He tried to chew his own tentacles, which was hilarious for the humans to watch. Sally changed into her Snoopy costume later in the evening, so there were two beagles-as-beagles. The humans enjoyed many deep-fried delectables at the party, including oysters, zucchini, and sweet potato fries. I made orange-ginger doughnuts and strawberry pie.

Strawberry pie
Piles of strawberries

Dan and I picked the strawberries last weekend at Terra Firma Farms' annual Farm Day, and making strawberry pie has become a sort of annual tradition...a bittersweet end to the strawberry season. This year I made a chocolate cookie crust...it was very tasty with freshly whipped cream.

It was a weekend full of doggie fun!


Stef said...

The doggies with snoopy are sooo cute! awww

Anonymous said...

man this really made my week!

snoopyjoanne said...

yes it was a wonderful weekend! :) lots of doggie fun!

African Kelli said...

These photos totally crack me up Carol! I love the beagle reunion most. Snoopy!!

Erek and Portia said...

Great costumes!!! What wonderful doggie fun.
And I have mention that I gain five pounds every time I read your blog.