Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Arrow's new friend

Joanne's sister Jenny adopted a beagle...meet Sally!

Arrow and Sally
Arrow blinks for the picture

The beagles joined some knitting ladies at Opera in the Park this weekend. It was a lovely afternoon...knitting, listening to arias while noshing and petting two beagles! Sally is smaller than Arrow, and she has cute freckles on her paws. The beagles were very busy...

Arrow at Opera in the Park
Sally naps

They took turns napping...

Sally looks at Arrow
Arrow naps while Sally looks on

I made apple cardamom cupcakes for the occasion, with apples from a fellow teacher's apple tree.

Apple caramel cupcakes
Apple cupcakes for a picnic

The cardamom seeds I ground up in the mortar and pestle were so fragrant that I decided to use only half the amount, and I think the resulting cupcakes were spiced just right. I filled them with caramel and used my favorite cream cheese in the frosting...a tasty combination...Sally seemed to think so!

Sally sniffs Maia's cupcake
Can I have a bite?


snoopyjoanne said...

those are some very nice photos of the beagles! you captured the afternoon well :)

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

sally is so cute!!!!!!
samuel has a few freckles on her paws (or legs) too!
LOVE the pictures of the dogs.
expect a package soon...i'm almost back home..just got to drive home today.

that 100 degree heat was too much for me!