Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer update

1. I rode the Bike for Breath 50-mile course...hooray! Thanks to everyone for supporting me in the ride for Breathe California, and to team captain Joanne for organizing team Aspiration!

2. I celebrated my birthday with friends and ice cream.

3. Dan and I took Arrow camping for a week, with his brother's family....we camped at Patrick's Point and Humboldt Redwoods and had a lovely time relaxing in the great outdoors. We enjoyed the beautiful views of the coast from Trinidad...

Pretty blue Pacific Ocean

Dan and I went canoeing with the beagle in Big Lagoon and Benbow Lake, where we spotted an osprey nest in the trees! We also walked along the beach and through Fern Canyon...

Fern Canyon
Walls of ferns

And while picking blackberries, I spied several bright green tree frogs in the blackberry bramble!

Froggy on blackberry
Hi froggy

With all the blackberries, we enjoyed blackberry cobbler twice two nights in a row...yum! And of course we toasted marshmallows to make s'mores nearly every night...mmm...despite a little rain midway through, it was a great trip to the redwood forest!

Redwood forest

4. I finished the final tome of the Harry Potter series.

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African Kelli said...

Wow! Wonderful! Looks like you are having a great summer. I hope you had a fantastic birthday!