Monday, June 18, 2007

Flexible foods

Over the weekend I made coconut cupcakes again...I love that the recipe is so flexible. I usually leave out some of the butter...and this time I did not have enough eggs, so I substituted two egg whites for two of the eggs...the resulting cupcakes were still delicious! Some of them were topped with leftover toasted coconut, instead of the usual white snowball effect.

Toasty snowball
Toasty snowballs

On Sunday Dan and I took Arrow up to Roseville to celebrate Father's Day with his family. Since I am a bit rhubarb-obsessed these days, I wanted to try rhubarb crumble cake for the occasion...I made the recipe, but did not have quite enough butter...and then I accidentally added an extra egg to the batter...maybe the mistakes cancelled each other out, the resulting cake was still very tasty!

Rhubarb crumble cake
Pretty pink rhubarb

I also made my favorite lime square recipe using Meyer lemons instead of limes, and they were yummy too! (No photographic evidence of those.) I like forgiving recipes.

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