Friday, June 15, 2007


The most beautiful weather ever coincided with the first week of summer vacation...but sadly, I was stuck inside the courthouse doing my civic duty. I was selected to serve on a jury! *Sigh* But luckily the trial is over now, and it is still sunny...this morning Arrow and I saw a group of parrots (again) in the backyard!

Arrow went to her first Beaglefest last weekend, and there were over 100 beagles at the party! Several beagles sported bandanas (perhaps for identification), and a few were even more dressed up...

beagle in a dress
Dress #2: reversible, dice on one side, cards on the other

This stylish beagle changed outfits several times! She actually appeared quite comfortable and unhindered walking around in her dress. Tee hee hee!

beagle in a dress
Dress #1

Arrow was more interested in sniffing than socializing, but she did meet up with Huxley, a beagle friend from the neighborhood.

beagle sniffing
Hi Huxley

Other (more sociable) beagles ran and played...


beagles running

I hoped Arrow would join in the chases, but she was more interested in sniffing the entire park. We participated in the "Doesn't come when called" contest, but Arrow came when I strange! Some beagles just stood there when called, or even walked the other way...tee hee hee!

Dan took photos at the party, but it was hard to capture all those beagles in action! We had a great time and hope Arrow did too...perhaps she will be more sociable next time!


Anonymous said...

arrow! yer just the cutest thing around!

i still have her as my desktop wallpaper. :D

and the doesn't come when called contest made me laugh pretty hard. Samuel would stop and look at you and then continue on her merry way.

Kate said...

Oh I love the beagle pictures! I grew up with them and I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for the breed! Arrow is adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just found your pix while Googling myself. Hey, you know us dogs do that all the time. Are we excited about "Underdog" or what? See you at Haas sometime soon.