Thursday, June 28, 2007


I am riding the Bike for Breath next month! Joanne organized team Aspiration...and Dan and I aspire to ride 50 miles with her and Newt. Arrow, our team mascot, is more interested in sunbathing than cycling.

Arrow in the garden
Solar powered beagle

We did a training ride over the weekend, and what better motivator than cupcakes? We're hoping to convince Joanne's sister Jenny and her husband to ride with us. Go Jenny and Andy! In addition to strawberry surprise cupcakes, I made black-bottom cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting.

Black bottom cupcakes

The cream cheese filling was pretty good too.

Inside the black bottom cupcake
Inside the black-bottom

Joanne and Newt recently returned from their European honeymoon, and she brought back lots of goodies! (She always brings yummies from her travels.) The Bueno and Tronky bars have been devoured, and I've sampled the Pear Pims and Bonne Maman tartlettes...tasty!

European treats
Yummy loot

They visited the Museo de la Xocolata in Spain (a chocolate!), and got a chocolate cookbook for me...I'll have to brush up on my Spanish to try the recipes.

Chocolate prezzies
Xocolata loot

And she also got me some pretty things in Italy: a cupcake tea strainer, lovely Florentine paper, and a floral glass necklace charm.

Pretty presents
Pretty loot

Thank you Joanne! It's time to ride our bikes now!

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snoopyjoanne said...

you're welcome! glad you enjoyed the presents. and the cupcakes you made last weekend were absolutely delicious! how about a raspberry surprise next time? i'll eat any cupcake you make! :)