Monday, May 21, 2007

Wedding cupcakery sequel

My friends Joanne and Newt got married on Saturday! It was a beautiful wedding, and I was so so happy for, I got to be in the wedding party and make cupcakes for the celebration! After several cupcake trials, the wedding cupcake flavors were chocolate, coconut, and Meyer lemon.

Cupcake table
Cupcake table

Several of the cake stands were borrowed from Jessica; her wedding last May was my first foray into wedding cupcakery. This time I made about 11 dozen total...three dozen coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...

Coconut cupcakes
Coconut close-up

Three dozen chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream...

Chocolate cupcakes
Brown and pink cupcake tower

And the rest were Meyer lemon cupcakes with Meyer lemon buttercream (the bride's favorite). Following Megan's experience, I mixed all the dry ingredients ahead of time. Then I baked and frosted the day before the wedding. The whole process went pretty smoothly, except that I had to go to three Safeway locations before I was able to buy some cupcake carrier trays. I held my breath a few times during the drive to the wedding site, but luckily the damage was minimal... storage and transport are the hardest part! Joanne even made a sign for the cupcake table, which made me feel like a real pro.

Cupcake sign
Blurry cupcake sign

I love this picture of Newt giving the thumbs-up after the ceremony. Congratulations, you two!

picture 026
Just married


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful couple, congratulations to them! And I love the idea of cupcake favors, that is just too delicious. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)

Anonymous said...

ok you looked really pretty in that brown bridesmaid dress.

they cupcakes look professional and beautiful and very yummy.
i would have been stalking the cupcakes the moment i walked intot he room...stuffing my face the minute i could.

ok so i was able to make that picture of arrow my desktop picture so every nite i say goodnight to arrow, she's such a cute on my 23" flat lcd monitor..but i don't think it's a high enough resolution picture to have printed? it's a low res jpeg

Lattegrrl said...

again, so impressed. come to baltimore and we'll make cupcakes! And knit things. i'm (supposed to be) starting a sweater.