Monday, May 14, 2007

Beagle brigade

This weekend Dan and I took Arrow to a beagle party! About 10 beagles and their humans gathered at Corona Heights Park for some beagle fun.

Beagles and the San Francisco skyline

It was so much fun to see the beagles running, playing, and sniffing all over the dog run...but they were difficult to capture on camera.

Arrow sniffs Atticus (who is more interested in the tennis ball)

We met many new beagles, and Albert, the (human) beagle-lover who organized the gathering, even brought doggie bags for everyone!

Red-and-white beagles
A beagle sniffs out the bag o' treats

So Arrow went home with a bag of treats and a tennis ball...lucky beagle! We're thinking we might have to check out the big Beaglefest in Sausalito next month!


Anonymous said...


why doe this not happen over here in NW Indiana? wait...samuel is cranky and turning 10 this june. she's horridly unsocial. who am i kidding.

i looked at yer flickr..huxley looks a lot like samuel! even the tail.

arrow is so adorable! i wish i could play with her...wait you wouldn't want that i'd play for hours.

snoopyjoanne said...

awww....sooooooooo many beagles and soooooooooo cute! heehee, it's hard to recognize arrow in the midst of all the beagles! i had to look for her special pink & brown collar. i really want to get a beagle of my own!

snoopyjoanne said...

btw, you should DEFINITELY go to beaglefest! looks like so much fun! the beaglefest contests look so interesting. AARRROOOO!!!

African Kelli said...

that is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I love it! Were you at all worried that your pooch would get in there and you wouldn't recognize one from another?

stephanie Marshall said...

I help the greenfield hancock shelter in Indiana find rescues and great homes for their dogs- they have 3 beagles now , how do I get involved in the Beagle Brigade?

Carol said...

Hi Stephanie,

The beagle brigade was just a gathering of local beagles here in San Francisco. I hope those beagles find homes soon, good luck!