Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend at home

The lilacs are gone, but the freesia are still blooming. Over the weekend I got a pint of cream to make hazelnut praline semifreddo...then I clipped a few freesia flowers and put them in the cute little jar...the flowers fill the room with a sweet fragrance that I love...

Sweet freesia

Dan and I also got strawberries at the farmers market...mmm...but they forgot to put the jam on the truck that day! So instead of strawberry jam, we got a jar of apricot conserves so I could make this crostada. (Ivonne's is much, much prettier.)

Apricot crostada
Poor lighting, no garnish...but still tasty

The semifreddo and crostada were made for the first meeting of my friends Cheya and Larry's culinary club; the theme was Italian. The plan is to meet every other month and cook dishes for a different theme each time. The first gathering was delicious!

Hope to get back to the sewing machine this week...

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Anonymous said...

oh will you just stop it with the show-off baking already!