Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring posies

The first day of spring has finally arrived! Although it is rather gray and wet today...I've been sewing up yo-yo flower pins (also seen here).

Yo-yo flower pins
Little posy pins

On St. Patrick's Day I baked another loaf of Irish soda bread (from Cooking Light), but this one was a bit under-baked...oops. Dan and I also went to the local bar for black-and-tans and corned beef with cabbage.

Irish soda bread
Looks okay, but not quite baked through

And I made a big batch of granola, with almonds, sesame seeds, coconut, and golden raisins...yum!

A brekkie favorite with yogurt


Anonymous said...

The flower pins are so cute!
And the food looks yum!

African Kelli said...

Oooh, I'd love a scoop of that granola with my vanilla soy milk. yum!

Sharon said...

The flower pins are precious!

Margie said...

Ilove the YO YO's. I ade Irish soda bread also. I found a recipe that suggested cutting it into sections before baking, so I did. I cut it in 8 pie wedges and baked it. It worked out well and tasted great. I used part whole wheat flour and part unbleached. I like to make granola too. We are kindred spirits.