Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Salty streets of Chicago

Chicago was delightful, despite the wind and snow...brrr! Marilyn and Rob's wedding was lovely, and Dan and I ventured out in the cold and saw a bit of the city. It snowed a couple of days, and I got salt all over my boots and jeans...I guess salty streets are normal in snowy places. Also on Saturday we smelled chocolate all over downtown...mmm...someone told us there was a chocolate factory nearby, so if the wind is blowing in the right direction: mmm...chocolate...

Highlights included Sue the T-Rex at the Field Museum, lots of beautiful paintings at the Art Institute, the gorillas at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and I loved Cloud Gate in Millenium Park...the bean sculpture looks different with the moving clouds and changing light and as you walk around it. Really lovely...there should be more public art in San Francisco...

The bean
Dan checks out the bean

We also walked through a few different neighborhoods, Lakeview and Bucktown...and I got to meet Jennifer of piddleloop! Very, very exciting. I think Jennifer was one of the first readers of this lil' blog who didn't already know me. We both love hounds.

Carol and Jennifer
Looking at another camera

It was so fun to meet her in person, she is very sweet, funny, and vivacious. Dan and I also met her boyfriend Nathaniel and his cat Simon (and Mr. Lester the turtle)... now we just need to get our hounds to meet somehow! And Jennifer gave me so many gifties! Treats for Arrow too...

Piddleloop gifties
The loot! (Click for notes)

Pretty sock yarn, a handmade DPN holder with bead stitch markers and three little pouches (cupcakes and pooches!), so many fun buttons, sparkly hair clips, kitty note pad, Snoopy stickers, doggie bone paper clips, a jelly donut charm (hanging on my bag), and lots of sweet treats (some already eaten), including my favorite candy from childhood, the rice candies with edible wrappers. Thank you so much, Jennifer!


African Kelli said...

How sweet! And I love that sculpture. Glad it was a good adventure.

Anonymous said...

man id on't think anyone from here calls it CLOUDGATE! At first when i read that i was like wtf is she talking about...oh THE BEAN!
who doesn't love the bean..you can spend hours looking at it. Those fountains are kinds of scarey though!
too bad you weren't here this coming weekend/week they are calling for temps int he 50's..and tues and wed 60's!!

i haven't posted yet...too much family stuff i've had to deal with this week..i will soon..but it was a pleasure meeting you and dan and laughing and giggleing and talking hounds with y'all. Also i think you guys forced nathaniel to be social and he didn't have the normal tortured look he normally does!
so thank you again for dinner and chatting it was a pleasure and i hope to do it again sometime!

veuvebrun said...

is so

Joanna said...

Glad you had a great time! Sounds like a fun time with Jen, too. How fun you got to meet a fellow bloggy friend. :)