Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cupcakery & green grub

My friend Joanne is getting married in May, and I get to make cupcakes for the wedding...yay! So many possibilities, and the best part: taste testing all the different recipes.

Last month we tried dark chocolate cupcakes and basic chocolate cupcakes with easy vanilla bean buttercream, as well as Meyer lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream, presented on a cupcake tower. Though tasty, I thought the dark chocolate cupcakes were a bit too brownie-like in texture. My favorite chocolate cupcake has such a tender crumb that I fear the cupcakes may not hold up to frosting, travel, and possibly warm weather...but I still have one more chocolate cupcake recipe to try...

This weekend Dan and I helped with invitation-making, also the perfect opportunity to try coconut cupcakes...

Coconut cupcakes
Cream cheese frosting...yum
Snowball coconut cupcakes
Shredded coconut snowball effect

I used unsweetened coconut flakes in the batter, which resulted in not overly-sweet cupcakes...after frosting, they were just right on the sweetness scale...but the coconut was not tender enough, since Bob's Red Mill is preservative-free. Next time I will either soak the flakes in water first to soften (as directed on the package), or use Baker's Angel Flake Coconut, which is super-moist (but contains preservatives).

Along with the cupcakes, we decided to celebrate St. Patrick's Day early with lots of green goodies...

Green food for St. Paddy's
Green grub for St. Paddy's

Joanne made guacamole and pesto penne pasta, and I contributed salad and spinach to the green repast...I also made Irish soda bread, and we drank Guinness for a bit of authenticity!


Anonymous said...

The coconut cupcakes look really yummy!! Thanks for the link to the recipe!

Anonymous said...

i swear that if cupcake tastings are offered i'm FINDING money to fly out to CA. i'm totally jealous about eating cupcakes all the time and for breakfast.

and the vanilla buttercream ones sound um...REALLY EFFING GOOD.

man make sure you take lots o' pictures i'm sure snoopy will be all over the wedding!

veuvebrun said...

The cupcakes look so delish. I'm really excited for SnoopyJoanne (and SnoopyNewt). Nice work on the green themed food, but, um, pesto and Guinness? Alright ... Back to the cupcakes: The coconut with the preservative always tastes better to me; this is one rare occasion when I prefer non-natural. You guys are so productive -- so bake-y!

African Kelli said...

yum! Do you fill the cupcake tins 1/2 full when making cupcakes? Mine are always too big.