Monday, February 26, 2007

No-fill cupcakes

Dan and I went to an Oscar party yesterday, a perfect excuse to make cupcakes! I wanted to fill my favorite chocolate cupcake recipe with whipped cream, using my mechanical pastry bag. While it is wonderful for frosting, I was not so successful with filling. It seemed to push mostly air into the cupcake, while the whipped cream was compressed and pushed out the sides of the pump...very messy...I managed to get a bit of whipped cream into some of them, but one doesn't know which cupcake until it is bitten into, or cut in half...

Filling chocolate cupcakes
A filled cupcake, but what about the others?

Most of the whipped cream seemed to get everywhere but inside the cupcakes....and eventually I gave up. The cupcakes were frosted with coffee buttercream and cacao nibs.

Blurry cupcakes
Blurry cupcakes

I forgot to ask the party guests if their cupcake had filling inside...not sure when (or if) I will try this again. The Oscar party was lots of fun, and although I did not win the Oscar ballot contest, I came in second! Yippee!


African Kelli said...

Such fun! I would love to host an Oscars party. I have to think of that next year.
And those cupcakes look divine!

Livvy said...

why do u have a blog on cupcakes?!?!