Friday, February 16, 2007

Little bits

I used leftovers from these bags to make a couple more dishsoap aprons.

Dishsoap aprons
Kitchen wear

I used Mariko's pattern for the green one, but it came out a bit small for the dishsoap I put it on the hand soap bottle...

Too-small dishsoap apron
Not a good fit

The other apron fits the dishsoap bottle...

Dishsoap apron
A better fit

Speaking of bottles, I recently noticed this tree in my neighborhood!

Blue bottle tree
Blue bottle tree


African Kelli said...

that blue bottle tree is awesome. My mom has an impressive collection of blue glass. Love it!
And your mini aprons are just too sweet. They make me almost want to clean. Almost.

Anonymous said...

Cute bottle aprons! We just put up some clothespin bags in our etsy shop that are from vintage patterns like little dresses with aprons. I absolutely love that blue bottle tree! I would love to be walking and happen upon somethiing like that. Cool.