Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Candy from Canada

Dan was in Whistler, British Columbia last week, purportedly for a work function...though skiing was involved...but the important thing is that he brought back lots of candy!

Candy from Canada
Candy loot

The peanut butter and dark chocolate Kit Kats were both delicious, and I am enjoying the Smarties today. I love their bright colors and thick outer candy shell, which I like to crunch down on slowly. While I do like my M&Ms, I wish the choice of both were available here!

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Anonymous said...

kit kats are always better in canada! so is their coke, something about the sugar.

i dated a canadian for nearly 4 years before nathaniel and i loved going to Toronto for potato chip flavors we don't have here, coke, tim hortons, and candy.
mmmm candy!

man, check my blog out for botched dog sweaters. :D