Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter chills has been too cold to craft at Chez Arrow...too cold to do anything, really, but huddle under the blankets by the space heater. So over the weekend we escaped to Lake Tahoe, where though it was colder outside...more importantly, it was toasty indoors!

Arrow by the fireplace
Arrow relaxing by the fire

The Manzis invited us along to stay at a very well-appointed home of a friend of theirs, with a beautiful lake view. The weekend was spent walking along the lake, tromping through the snow, and just relaxing in the cozy home. Baby Darcy kept us entertained...such a cutie! The pooches also seemed to enjoy themselves...

Oliver relaxing
Oliver curled up

A beautiful weekend in a warm house...ahh, I miss it already...

Lake Tahoe & Sierras
Picture perfect

Thanks Jess and Tony!


African Kelli said...

So, so pretty. I love Tahoe!

Anonymous said...

wow it's so pretty mountains!
sometimes i hate the midwest, there's no MOUNTAINS to look at!

42 is pretty warm, altho not indoors.
good thing arrow was treated to a nice fireplace!

Justin said...

I liked the pooches but the last pic is wonderful. where is the pic taken??

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