Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A new year

The days off flew by, and now it is 2007! One of the many things I love about vacation is getting up after sunrise. Rather unwillingly, I awoke in the dark once again this morning and returned to school after two weeks away. (As the vacation winds down, some people say they like the routine of going back to work, but I don't agree.) At least I got to see this beautiful sky as I left Chez Arrow...

Sunrise in the new year
Sunrise in 2007

Happy New Year!

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veuvebrun said...

I'm glad you're looking up despite the gloom of returning to work. Here's to a good year ahead: more creativity, more (dare I say it) baseball, and more cupcakes. Less stress!

Happy New Year, Carol and the Celadon Cupcake posse.