Monday, January 08, 2007


The twelfth day of Christmas was observed at Chez Arrow with galette des rois, and now the holiday is officially over...sniff sniff...yesterday I started putting away ornaments and cards, wahh! I always feel a little sad when I take down the decorations. It was just a few weeks ago when I was happily trimming the tree...*sigh*

But I shouldn't complain with all the holiday loot to enjoy. Crafty presents included a beautiful quilted bag made by Dan's mother...isn't it lovely?

Quilted bag
Gorgeous ginko fabrics

And some sewing books I've been wanting: In Stitches and Sew U, which hopefully will help improve my sewing skills. The cupcake book will come in handy for trial runs for Joanne's wedding cupcakes...hmm, what flavor to try first? And then there is the big, beautiful skein of hand-dyed silk yarn...mmm...

Crafty presents
Crafty books & yarn

So it's time to look forward into 2007 with new crafty goodness. Kelli is hosting an In Stitches sew-along, so I should crack open the book and get started!


Anonymous said...

oh man carol. your blog looks much better in firefox on this editor you've changed to. Looks good.

That bag looks nice and i too got the amy butler book. I'm just afraid to sew anything in it cause of her scarey use of timetex. and everything i read looks like you have to enlarge the "partial" pattern and stuff. ugh.
i just like looking at it mostly.

i need more pictures of arrow.

veuvebrun said...

Nice new template, Carol!

That quilted bag is gorgeous and I love the ginkgo fabric.

Wedding cupcake baking practice sounds like fun. Enjoy!

Jen's right: more photos of Arrow, please.

Joanna said...

What a beautiful bag! I'm doing the sew along too... :)

African Kelli said...

Oooh, yay!!
Gorgeous bag too.

Anonymous said...

I love the bag! The fabric is gorgeous! I just got In Stitches, but haven't tried to sew anything yet. I was thinking of starting with the document duvet like some did in the stitch along. The ones I've seen look great.