Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Box = bane

January has seen little crafting at Chez Arrow, and not enough natural light during the week to document my baking adventures. (Popovers and madeleines...yum!) But I was inspired by African Kelli's In Stitches Sew-along, since I received the book for Christmas, so I tried to make the January project...and my battles with Timtex continue...

CD holder from In Stitches
Not really a box

It is supposed to be a CD holder, a box shape, but clearly it is more of a wonky mess. I was so defeated that I did not even try to put on the handles. I may try buttons, instead of topstitching through two layers of the thick stuff. I thought a box shape would be more manageable than the Downtown Purse fiasco, but now I know I just can't handle Timtex! Not yet, anyway...


Joanna said...

Sorry to rejoice in your suffering, but I am glad to hear that I am not the only one. Granted, I was using fake timtex, but holy moley! I think if I need a box, I should just buy one at the store.
p.s. Yours looks cute, though! I like your fabric.

Anonymous said...

i happen to think that box is pretty rad. i mean it looks like a box and freekin stands up..BE PROUD.

timtex looks like to too would be the bane of my existance.

i hope arrow is keeping warm...lucy and samuel say hi! and wag their tails that are now missing the sharp points the fur makes. I cut them off when they annoyed me monday standing on the fabric.