Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Box = bane

January has seen little crafting at Chez Arrow, and not enough natural light during the week to document my baking adventures. (Popovers and madeleines...yum!) But I was inspired by African Kelli's In Stitches Sew-along, since I received the book for Christmas, so I tried to make the January project...and my battles with Timtex continue...

CD holder from In Stitches
Not really a box

It is supposed to be a CD holder, a box shape, but clearly it is more of a wonky mess. I was so defeated that I did not even try to put on the handles. I may try buttons, instead of topstitching through two layers of the thick stuff. I thought a box shape would be more manageable than the Downtown Purse fiasco, but now I know I just can't handle Timtex! Not yet, anyway...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter chills has been too cold to craft at Chez Arrow...too cold to do anything, really, but huddle under the blankets by the space heater. So over the weekend we escaped to Lake Tahoe, where though it was colder outside...more importantly, it was toasty indoors!

Arrow by the fireplace
Arrow relaxing by the fire

The Manzis invited us along to stay at a very well-appointed home of a friend of theirs, with a beautiful lake view. The weekend was spent walking along the lake, tromping through the snow, and just relaxing in the cozy home. Baby Darcy kept us entertained...such a cutie! The pooches also seemed to enjoy themselves...

Oliver relaxing
Oliver curled up

A beautiful weekend in a warm house...ahh, I miss it already...

Lake Tahoe & Sierras
Picture perfect

Thanks Jess and Tony!

Monday, January 08, 2007


The twelfth day of Christmas was observed at Chez Arrow with galette des rois, and now the holiday is officially over...sniff sniff...yesterday I started putting away ornaments and cards, wahh! I always feel a little sad when I take down the decorations. It was just a few weeks ago when I was happily trimming the tree...*sigh*

But I shouldn't complain with all the holiday loot to enjoy. Crafty presents included a beautiful quilted bag made by Dan's mother...isn't it lovely?

Quilted bag
Gorgeous ginko fabrics

And some sewing books I've been wanting: In Stitches and Sew U, which hopefully will help improve my sewing skills. The cupcake book will come in handy for trial runs for Joanne's wedding cupcakes...hmm, what flavor to try first? And then there is the big, beautiful skein of hand-dyed silk yarn...mmm...

Crafty presents
Crafty books & yarn

So it's time to look forward into 2007 with new crafty goodness. Kelli is hosting an In Stitches sew-along, so I should crack open the book and get started!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A new year

The days off flew by, and now it is 2007! One of the many things I love about vacation is getting up after sunrise. Rather unwillingly, I awoke in the dark once again this morning and returned to school after two weeks away. (As the vacation winds down, some people say they like the routine of going back to work, but I don't agree.) At least I got to see this beautiful sky as I left Chez Arrow...

Sunrise in the new year
Sunrise in 2007

Happy New Year!