Friday, December 22, 2006

Winter solstice

The amaryllis St. Nicholas left at Chez Arrow last year is blooming again...just in time for winter.

Pretty in pink

There were Christmas carolers on our street last night! We heard them during a break in the festive and neighborly. They sang "Little Drummer Boy" outside our of my favorites. Dan and I brought the beagle outside to listen, and there was another pooch with the carolers, in a Santa suit...tee hee hee! It has been horribly cold at Chez Arrow so we got the beagle a sweater...but she wriggles out of it all the now she is referred to as "Houdini," and sometimes "the great Splendini"!

Arrow in her winter sweater
I'll be taking this off soon...


snoopyjoanne said...

awww...arrow looks so forlorn in the sweater...don't you realize it is keeping you warm, poochie?! :)

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry they stuck you in that horrid sweater! Jen & Wendy try to put the same darn thing on me...but i always manage to HATE it just as much. us beagles with great minds think alike.

One time Wendy got this bright idea to buy this sherpa lined jacket thing two sizes too small and stuff me in it. I literally HATED her for a good two weeks. I think she learned her lesson.