Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend fun

Over the weekend I baked one of my favorite sweet treats: lime squares!

Lime squares key lime pie, but easier to eat

And sewed a few small crafty presents: tissue holder, zipper pouch, and headbands.

Crafty gifties
Ready to wrap up and mail

It has been awhile since I made my first zipper pouches. I think a zipper foot might make it easier. Here is a peek at the lining...

Lining of zipper pouch
Itty bitty flowers on brown

And it was Farm Day! Joining the CSA last year really has changed the way we eat and think about food, and Dan and I love it. This was the second year we visited the farm. Arrow enjoyed the hayride...

Arrow on the hayride
Panting pooch

This year my mother, brother, and his girlfriend also came along to pick strawberries, tomatoes, and peppers. It was very warm, so I was really hot and foolishly did not take any pictures of the fields we picked or of our bounty. Oops.

Terra Firma Farms
Lettuce fields, pretty hills in the distance

There are a lot of farms to choose from, so check it out if you are in the Bay Area!


CanoeMan said...

That is one hot dog!

craftoholic said...

Thanks for those links, I love anything key lime, and I've always wanted to know more about the CSA.
Cute sewing projects too ;-)

Anonymous said...

key lime is my favorite.


aroow you are so cute even panting!

veuvebrun said...

That zippered pouch is adorable. Fantastic color combination. And those lime square look tangy and creamy. I haven't made lime square since that time we both made them (yours were key lime) -- they're fairly labor intensive -- but yum!

Did you see the recipe for choc pumpkin cheesecake squares in the new Everyday Food? Just like the pilgrims must have had at the first Thanksgiving.

Arrow! So rustic!