Thursday, October 26, 2006

Beagle as beagle

Getting ready for Halloween! Dan's sister Cecilia got Arrow a Snoopy costume, which she tried on last night...

Arrow in her Snoopy costume
Hee hee ha ha...beagle dressed up as a beagle!

It is a bit small though, the velcro did not fit around her deep chest. Apparently, beagles are deep-chested dogs...or this one is, anyway.

Arrow as Snoopy
Can I take it off now?


veuvebrun said...

Great costume! Hee hee. But Arrow doesn't seem to be into the Halloween spirit. Did you mention that there are treats to be had?

snoopyjoanne said...

hee hee ha ha...a beagle dressed up as a beagle! you said it!!! what a funny idea... arrow is very cute...altho you can't really see the snoopy ears...does she have a red collar? i forgot to check.

jenny said...

arrow in a snoopy costure - i love it! too bad arrow doesn't seem like she's enjoying it as much as we are!

Gen said...

Oh! My Pavel has the same costume.

Check him out - he looks just like your beloved first pup :)

Anonymous said...

oh my arrow looks about as happy as samuel does when we stick the lobster head on her. hee hee hee
i love the snoopy outfit tho! LOVE IT!
but then again i am a biased snoopy lover.