Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sweet treats

Lookie! Joanne brought these sweet treats from Thailand...Choco mint and choco coffee Tim Tams, Cappuccino and Lemon Cheesecake Kit Kats, and Choco Banana Pocky...yum!

Sweet treats from Joanne
Sweet treats and pretty chopsticks with elephant holders

I finally got to try Tim Tams, a lovely cookie indeed. And I just love the special edition flavors of Kit Kat...why oh why are they not available here?

Other sweets from the weekend: I made a fig and plum parents stopped by Chez Arrow and enjoyed the cake with a cup of tea...and now it is already all gone! (Dan and I had a few pieces too.)

Fig and plum cake
Plum, fig & walnut kuchen


snoopyjoanne said...

i'm glad you enjoyed the treats! too bad i missed out on trying the fig & plum :( maybe next time! it looks delicious!

veuvebrun said...

Whoa. Look at all that loot SnoopyBirthdayJoanne brought back. Tim Tams and everything. We have to figure out how to import that green tea Thai iced tea she showed on her blog.

Meanwhile, fig & plum Kuchen. Sounded good when you decribed it, but the photo makes it look even more yummy.

One word, though: PIE.