Friday, September 22, 2006

Autumnal Equinox

It's official...fall has arrived. Although it has felt like fall for awhile now, since returning to school last month. Not much crafting at Chez Arrow lately, but I am excited about Knitters Tea Swap 2!

The beagle had a birthday last week...three years old! Last year she had a cupcake for her birthday, and this year I was going to get her a doggie cannoli, but the store was out of them...maybe a belated doughnut if there still are no cannoli this weekend...

Arrow with her ears turned back
Arrow, how did your ears turn back?


Anonymous said...


Happy belated birthday!!!

lucy the bassett hound

Anonymous said...


beagle to beagle have a happy birthday!


veuvebrun said...

Happy birthday, dear Arrow!
Doggie cannoli? Ha ha ha!

snoopyjoanne said...

happy birthday arrow! you are a cutie :)