Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to school

It's true, summer's over. I was back at school last week, and the kiddies arrived this week. *Sigh* Where did all the crafting time go? At least the morning view is pretty...

Sunrise at Chez Arrow
Sunrise at Chez Arrow

I've been experiencing a tendonitis flare up the past few weeks, so no knitting progress...wahh! In food news, there has been a steady stream of wonderful tomatoes from the farm, so a lot of salsa is being consumed at Chez Arrow...I like to add an avocado into the mix...

Salsa with avocado
Yellow tomatoes + red onion= pretty colors

Still eating summery food, even though the daily routine is definitely unsummery....hope to get some crafting done this weekend!


Joanna said...

What a pretty sunrise. I can't imagine what time you had to get up to see that! Hope your tendonitis eases up.

veuvebrun said...

Ew. Avocado. Heehee!