Saturday, July 22, 2006

Stitch n' Pitch

On Thursday I went to Giants Stitch n' Pitch, an event for baseball-loving knitters at the ballpark. Such a fun game, with a section filled with knitters! I foolishly forgot my camera, but Joanne snapped a picture of a few of us knitterly ladies. Goodies included a tote bag with orange and black yarn…

Stitch n' Pitch
Ball of yarn with needle and bat

And the Giants even won! The Giants hit back-to-back-to-back home runs in the eighth inning, but I think the highlight of the game was the knit-off, when two knitters were facing off, shown on the big screen between innings. They both started out knitting normally, then one did the “blind seed stitch,” holding her knitting above her head so she couldn’t see. The other countered with the “one-handed seed stitch,” holding her knitting in her mouth, and knitting with just one hand…the other knitter just continued her knitting above the head, with an apple in her mouth…then the one who had been knitting one handed starting knitting with baseball bats, the knobby sides, no less! It was hilarious! Or at least we knitters thought so…not sure if fans in the rest of the ballpark were laughing…I hope the Giants have another Stitch n' Pitch next year!


Melissa said...

i wish we had stitch n pitch here in philly or new york, i might actually start to like baseball! or even better, i'd love to have a chicks with sticks night at a hockey game!

Kat said...

I was there too! Wasn't it great! Check out my post when you have time.