Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happy returns of the day

Over the weekend I completed my first triathalon...and celebrated my birthday! Joanne and I participated in the Tri For Fun, a sprint distance triathalon...and though challenging, it really was fun! (Especially the finishing part.) Thanks Joanne for encouraging me to try something new...I couldn't have done it without you!

Birthday festivities filled the rest of the weekend (after a nap), and here are some lovely gifts from very thoughtful friends...

Love the celadon cupcake card!

...including a knitting book I had been eyeing, a pastry bag kit for decorating and filling cupcakes, and an ICE CREAM CONE cupcake pan!! I must try knitting the cupcakes in the book and baking ice cream cone cupcakes soon. And birthday yarn from Dan, Colinette is soooo nice...

Birthday yarn
Moss colourway

All the subtle hue changes in this hand dyed yarn are not seen in the photo...I started another capelet with it, this time for myself!

Thank you everyone for making me feel so special on my birthday!


snoopyjoanne said...

happy birthday again!!! did you check out the tri pics on the website? also, i have a gazillion photos from that will have to get you a copy, maybe burned on a cd?

Anonymous said...

ooooh crap i didn't know. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!!
i hope you ate cake or cupcakes!