Friday, July 14, 2006

Big lime bag

A few months later than planned, the Nappy Bag is complete! And it is huge! All the better to carry baby stuff in, I suppose...

Lime Nappy Bag
Gi-normous bag

As suggested by several folks on the Sew I Knit? along (back in May, when the theme was bags), I left out the bottle pockets, which I think was a good move, as there are six huge pockets in the bag is a peek at the lining and the changing pad...

Changing pad
Pooch and kitty changing pad

I hope the mommy-to-be finds the bag to be useful!


Anonymous said...

ooooh you finished! looks good!
i finished my skirts tonight sans hems. i need to do that tomorrow and then wear/post them! congrats! i thinkt he mother to be will love it!

Belinda said...

The nappy bag look so fresh in that fabric. It is huge, speaking from a mummy's perspective it great. I use mine all the time, even though my kidlets aren't so little anymore. One thing I hate is the deep pockets, I can never find anything. So I sewed across the centre pockets about half-way down. That's were I put my keys etc