Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Banany cakes

Had a couple of too-ripe bananas in the house, so I finally tried the banana bread recipe from mailorder I just need to make the bonnet project...

Banany bread
Choco chip and orange zest add-ins in the muffs

In knitting news, I tried on Green Gable yesterday, and she seems to fit...phew! But the world's slowest knitter continues to knit very, very slowly...

Green Gable progress
Maybe halfway done?

And what's this? Could it be? Yes, the beginning of a Nappy Bag! Finally!

Lime Nappy
Lime floral Nappy

So far the cell phone flap has been the most challenging part...that darn little flap, all lumpy and bumpy and looks kind of horrible, but I am ready to move on...putting in the lining comes next...I hope I finish in time!


snoopyjoanne said...

wow, baking, knitting AND sewing! you certainly have been keeping busy :) see you saturday at the tri!!!

veuvebrun said...

Yeah, SnoopyJ's right. Training for a triathlon (swimming, running, biking) outdoors, and something similar indoors (knitty, stitchy, bakey) ... I guess the antibiotics have kicked in since the last time I saw you and the strep is history. Yay.

GOOD LUCK on Saturday to both you and Joanne! And almost birthday greetings ...

Anonymous said...

you can do it!