Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer solstice

The morning of the first (very hot) day of summer was spent making postcards announcing the move to the new digs.

Chez Arrow postcards

I tried to carve a house stamp...was not altogether pleased with the results, but ended up using the second attempt, which is on the left.

Chez Arrow stamps

In knitting news, slow progress continues on Green Gable...just split the sleeves and the sweater is starting to take shape. Knitting with cotton is slooow!

Green Gable progress


veuvebrun said...

How cute those postcards are! I like the arrow-shaped house.

And nice work on the celadon green gable. You sure are puttig some summer vay-cay to good use so far. Happy day-after solstice. Omigosh ... the days are getting shorter! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh your house stamp turned out really cool! you should be getting your package any day now!

two rabbits said...

i LOVE the house stamps and the moving cards themselves.

i have always wanted to send "we've moved!" cards and will finally get to in a few weeks.

snoopyjoanne said...

i received one of those very cute postcards in the mail yesterday!!!