Thursday, June 08, 2006

Chez Arrow

Lots of boxes all over the place, since Chez Arrow is moving this first, Arrow was so scared of the boxes, she wouldn't even go in for a treat...and this beagle loves treats. Eventually, she decided to peek inside...but then the noise of her collar touching the box scared her back out. Silly beagle!

Arrow and the box

She seems less wary of the boxes now, though she still runs in and out very quickly for a treat. No packing for this she is relaxing on the Peanuts baseball pillows...

Arrow curled up

Ah, the life of a dog!


veuvebrun said...

By now you're probably almost all boxed up, but ... but good luck with the move. And MUCH HAPPINESS to you in your NEW HOME! So exciting. Arrow will eventually enjoy the new place, too, I'm sure.

Theresa said...

Hope the move was OK and not too stressful. Can't wait to see pics of your new place!

Anonymous said...

oh lil arrow. you are so cute when you curl up to sleep!
hope the move went well. i have to get a bisco and chewy for arrow's package!

Anonymous said...