Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wedding cupcakery

This weekend Chez Arrow became cupcake central as I baked several dozen cupcakes and mini cupcakes for Jess and Tony's wedding. The flavor combinations were Meyer lemon cupcakes topped with lemon buttercream and candied lemon peel, chocolate-coffee cupcakes with mocha ganache, marscapone cream and cacao nibs, and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ganache and toasted coconut.

Cupcake tower
Mini cupcakes on the top two tiers

The vanilla mini cupcakes were topped with chocolate ganache or Meyer lemon buttercream and lemon zest. This was my first time piping frosting, which worked nicely with the ganache and marscapone cream...but not the lemon just collapsed after piping...after a brief panic, I just spread it on the cupcakes....perhaps the lemon juice gave it more of an icing texture.

Wedding cupcakes
Brown liners for chocolate-coffee cupcakes

The pink, yellow and brown cupcake liners were from Confectionery House, and we transported the cupcakes in plastic cupcake trays, which I read about on not martha. Despite a bumpy ride through the Berkeley hills, they all arrived safely. The photos are dark as they were taken inside the Brazilian Room, but Tilden Park was gorgeous and sunny outside for the ceremony.

The cake table
The cake table

Jess' friend Holly made the blue cakes with green ribbon, which matched their invitations, and the pretty iced sugar cookies. Most guests seemed to enjoy the cupcakes, though I witnessed a puckered face after trying the Meyer lemon...too tart for some, perhaps....

I also made a set of origami coasters and wine charms...a little crafty break from cupcake baking.

Origami coasters and wine charms
Crafty wedding gifties


veuvebrun said...

You have outdone yourself, Carol. Cupcakes of many varieties AND the origami coasters and wine charms. Your cupcakes were lovely -- and such a thoughtful presentation with the sensitively chosen paper liners. Nicely done!

Jess and Tony and Baby [Ellie?] couldn't have asked for better weather on their wedding day. Glorious.

Did the beagle shred anything while you and DD were at the festivities? :O

Anonymous said...

Yumm ... I am drolling over the cupcakes. Would be a perfect breakfast with my tea on this rainy morning. They look beautiful and sound so tasty.

Love your coasters too. What a successful craft weekend!

Tea knitters pal

Anonymous said...

oooh i wish i was of the baking kind.
i can cook..i cannot bake. those cupcakes look so good and sound so fancy.

snoopyjoanne said...

the cupcakes were delicious! i was the lucky recipient of a few leftover cupcakes =) very pretty to look at too...

Katrina said...

I loveeee your coasters. Can you leave directions how to make them??? I am going on an exchange program to Finland and I need to make gifts. I love this idea!!